Frequently Asked Questions

Do you restock items?

Yes! It may take 1-2 months to replenish an item, but I will make every effort to restock it as soon as possible! ☺️

Where do you ship from?

My products are shipped from Utah in the United States! ☺️

How long will it take to process my order?

It will take me and Derek 2-5 days to get your order all wrapped up and shipped out! We'll do our best to get it over to you in no time! ☺️

Do you ship internationally?

Currently, I'm not equipped to handle international shipping but I've got dreams of crossing borders with my art in the near future. Stay tuned! ☺️

I accidentally entered the wrong shipping address or want to cancel my order!

In the event that your order has not yet been shipped, kindly complete the contact form or send an email to as soon as possible. If the items have already been shipped, sadly, there are no further actions I can take. 😞

What is your return policy?

At the moment, ALL SALES in my store are final. However, in the event that something in your order is damaged or missing, kindly reach out to me using the contact form or send an email to and I will do my best to make it right! ☺️

Do you use sustainable packaging?

  • As often as possible, I reuse shipping boxes sourced from my own purchases or gathered from friends and family.
  • For my mailers I use Kraft Self Seal Non-Bendable Mailers that are made of 100% Recycled Paperboard with a minimum 35% Post Consumer Content. They are 100% recyclable.
  • In the case of sticker orders, I use Kraft paper envelopes for packaging.
  • To securely seal my boxes, I use water activated tape made from paper with a water-based adhesive. This type of tape can be recycled along with your boxes. Additionally, for envelopes, I use washi tape made of rice paper.
  • Sticker orders will be packaged using compostable parchment paper. Print orders will be placed in a single plastic sleeve until a more environmentally friendly option is found to protect them. You can request plastic-free shipping, just shoot me an email! In which case, your order will be wrapped in the compostable parchment paper.
  • I use Rollo direct thermal shipping labels that are climate pledge friendly.
  • The thank you cards can serve as 5" x 7" prints for hanging instead of being thrown away after reading.

Why does my sticker order not have a tracking number?

In order to keep shipping fees low for orders just containing stickers, your package ships via postage/USPS FIRST CLASS MAIL.

If you would like to have your package tracked, you can upgrade your shipping method to Tracked Shipping.